Sales Order Tracking

Is there a way to see what Sales Orders that are open and have not been invoiced out?

Search the forum on that topic. There have been many discussions.

I saw a lot of topics, I was just hoping someone could give me the overview of it.

Basically a lot of people have requested statuses for quotes and orders so it is something that many people (myself included) want.

The developer has said that he will be implementing some functionality for this, but he wants to get the items on the roadmap out of the way first and secondly he wants to think about how he wants the status system to work as many people want statuses, but to work in various different ways so he wants to plan that properly.

The workaround at the moment is to use custom column fields and you can create open and closed statuses in the custom field for sales orders.

@dalacor can you instruct me how to add the custom fields and thank you for your response. It was easy to understand and follow.

At the top of the forum, you will see Bookmarks, Guides and Releases.

Releases give you detailed info about what each new release is.
The guides cover howto FAQ concepts. You will find the instructions for custom fields in the guides.

@dalacor Ok, I have officially mastered the custom fields. Now on the Sales Order Overview page, is there a way to get the status option to show there?

@dalacor I will look there. You wouldn’t know how to set up the pay slips…I tried following what I read and well it is not showing my accounts (ie Commission, etc.) when I go to enter a payslip?

You need to tick the box - show custom field as a column. I would ask your accountant about payslips to make sure that you are doing that correctly as that is important to get right.

@dalacor Thank you thank you thank you. You have no idea how much time you just saved me from searching the forums and trying to piece it together. I truly do appreciate it and wish their were more people on here that would answer questions the way you do!!

@dalacor One more thing about custom fields, it gives you a position option, what are the accepted items to put into that option

The position controls the order in which custom fields are presented. It has no impact if there is only one. If more than one, they are listed in the numerical order of the position field.

@dalacor Ok. Thank you. Now on the Sales Commission, I left a vm for accountant but it takes him forever to call back. Sad I know, but he prefers QB!!

I set up the accounts in the chart of accounts, but they are not showing up in my payslip options, any idea why?

Figured out the Payslip thing…I didn’t add it to the Payslip Options under the setting.