Sales Order - Contracts Selection

Hi, we need to add contracts in our Sales Orders. But we have different kinds of contracts based on what they are purchasing or avail. Is there a way to have like a drop down box to select a contract that will come in the custom fields below the sales order table? Or any other solution to integrate all the contracts in our sales order?

you can create a custom field with drop down list for different types of contract.

Hi @sharpdrivetek, thanks for replying. Yes we can create a drop down list but, how you will have the full contents of the contract in the drop down menu? How it will come below the sales order table like a normal fields after choosing a contract title from the drop down menu?

What do you mean by “full contents of the contract”?

If you mean a contract document with lots of text, this may not fit into a field which you access from a drop down list
A custom drop down field has a list of one line character strings

Each line can contain one or more line break codes “br” which will force the a line break to the text

Hi @Tut do you have solution for this? Thanks.

Yes, we really cannot use that solution so I’m still looking for another solution how to create a selection for our contracts and where to put our contracts also in the system so it can be chosen and then it will automatically come below the sales order.

Like this? That’s the best you can do with a custom field


You can also attach a document to the Sales Quote but it will not be printed on the quote

Thanks for this @Joe91, but each of our contracts have 40-50 pages. It will really not work in this way.

If each contract is 40 or 50 pages, then you will just have to send a copy with each quote

No. Nor do I consider it realistic to think of 40-50 pages in a dropdown menu. You did not actually answer @Joe91’s question about what you were expecting. But showing 50 pages in a dropdown menu would not be at all functional. You would need to scroll past 50 pages to get to the next alternative. So the only real option would be to have short identifiers of contract types, but have all 50 pages print on the document.

I do not think that is appropriate for an accounting system. Manager is not a document management or creation system. And repeatedly adding large documents to accounting transactions would grow the database to an unmanageable size for no reason.

In your situation, it sounds far better to keep a library of standard contracts. Use the dropdown custom field to reference them and make them available to whoever needs them. You have only mentioned using this in the context of sales orders, which are internal documents confirming customers’ orders. Why do you need to reproduce 50 pages of text for internal documents?

Thanks @Tut, based on your last sentence, that is really what we want to keep a library of contracts and be able to choose from a drop down list to incorporate the contract below the Sales Order. But is it possible?

You just contradicted yourself, @OWG_Team. You said you want to keep a library, which I described as a separate repository. Then, you said again that you want to choose from a dropdown list and incorporate the entire contract as part of the sales order. I will say this again: no, you cannot do that.

Okay Thanks.

you can also do this with a custom theme by adding conditional logic.
you will have to hard-code each contract type in the custom theme and use conditional logic to display the relevant contract based on the contract title selected from a drop-down custom field.
you will have to hire someone locally to create such a custom theme in case you personally do not have liquid coding skills. also, custom themes are beyond the scope of this forum. so you are on your own with that.

Just another thought. Why do you not use the the custom field drop down to specify the contract types in each sales order as you plan then just “file attach” the contract to the sales order. Also you could use the Manager folders to organise and keep you contracts. So all in all Manger has record of all your documents. You can do this for Quotes and invoices too. Your database will grow significantly with this approach but storage is cheap.

Thank you guys for all your inputs.

@sharpdrivetek, we have a coder who fixed our themes before, we’ll contact him again later and see what he can do. Thanks for the advice.

@compuit, thanks, we’ll check the manager folders also.

Alternatively you can do this:

  • Split your contracts into general terms which are hardcoded within the theme; and

  • Use an item custom field to contain the contract terms specific for each item and – using themes – take it out from the lines and put it after the invoice totals; and then

  • You will have to create or modify a theme to exclude the contract terms from the lines of each and every other document that may involve items