Sales order and sales invoice

When i enter a deliver address on the sales order( it is different to the billing address)
When converting to a sales invoice it does not carry the delivery address through to the sales invoice
I have read your reply where you say that the sales order is an internal document . for my business my factory allocates the order to the different areas for delivery and only when the deliver is imminent an invoice gets created
It seems a bit silly to have the delivery address on the sales order and not on the invoice
Please advise

If you want Delivery address on the Invoice, why are you entering the Billing Address for the Customer?

Have you considered the usage of the Delivery Notes tab for the delivery. Generally Invoices are sent to the Billing Address as the business office could be a separate location from the delivery location.

I think what he is trying to get at is yes the head office is in another city but each locaction has to look after ther own billing and expense records so have the option to set a delivery address on each invoice is far more practical. Even if you email invoice to a central point. They still need to know who they were meant for or which locaction.

@Emily_Deary, you are replying to a post 3-1/2 years old. Separate delivery addresses on sales invoices can be handled with custom fields.

I want to be able to have one master account and the ability to set multiple delivery address for one customer

You can include multiple custom fields for multiple delivery addresses.