Sales of Inventory items

First of all, I would like to express my the huge gratitude for the developer of this remarkable software because it is really hard to find bookkeeping soft for the mac users and finally I got it.

However, I have an issue concerning the naming of the accounts. I am doing the service business and each my service has the constant price. So, I decided to make those services as the inventory items. Unfortunately, the account of the inventory items is “Sales of Inventory items”, is it possible to change the name of this account to “Sales” because the service is not really the item? I tried to do that in the setting menu, however, I cannot do it because this account is protected/locked.

First of all, don’t use inventory items if you are not maintaining inventory.

Based on what you are saying, all you want are some memorized invoice line items, just enable under Settings module called Sales Invoice Items which is what you want.

Delete all inventory items and disable that tab as it doesn’t apply to your business.