Sales invoices issue / latest version install

Hi, I’ve been using desktop M since 2014 on my Windows 8.1 laptop. Just bought a new windows 10 laptop. Did a backup and restore. All went well as far as data transfer is concerned except for a few things. I’ve tried searching first but can’t find any solution myself. Can I ask for some assistance?

I have searched for an M version, but no luck. Odd, as every program normally has an “about” page. But I downloaded 21DEC18, so that should determine the v#.

All Purchase Orders, and other pages are in order of latest date on the top, so far so good. But not “Sales Invoices”. I have searched preferences and formatting, but can’t find how to change the default order.
My previous v8.0/8.1 defaulted to 1/ “orange” Payment Due (invoices in date order) 2/ “red” overdue invoices 3/ Then “green” Paid In Full invoices… in date order of most recent at the top. This is what my first version defaulted to, this is what I want.

Second issue is the “Receive Payment” tab is missing on the same Sales Invoices. Only a “New Receipt” tab in it’s place. I’ve tried using it for receipt and payment, but can’t work it out. It only ends up duplicating the invoice total, not paying it and showing the invoice with a virtual “Paid In Full” stamp.

I hope I’ve supplied enough info.

Best Regards,

The version number is at the bottom of the screen in gray.

Default order for sales invoices is according to status, emphasizing what needs collection action. You cannot change the default. By the way, this is not new.

New Receipt replaces the old Receive Money. Same thing. Read the Guide if you have questions about completing the form.