Feedback on sales invoices module

  1. I had created Sales Invoice. I added inventory item but when printing invoice showing description tab actual Inventory item is missing. To see that I have to add details & inventory item name in description but that’s not the correct way.
  2. I am selling a item in cash it should not show the balance , if i clicked amount received & print the final invoice there is stamp marked said paid in Full. Me & my customer don’t want to see that.
  3. What is difference between Invoice Item & Inventory item


Who says that’s not the correct way. Many businesses don’t like to show internal names of their products/services on invoices to customers.

There will be some improvements to invoices that are basically “cash sales”.

Invoice item is just a memorized invoice line item. It is there so if you sell some service, you don’t have to constantly re-type description, unit price, general ledger account etc.