Sales Invoice: Will not let me add additional lines

I am no longer able to add an additional line to an invoice. Any suggestions?

Click the Split button below the invoice line to add a line or the drop-down to select multiple lines.

Thanks. I used to be able to just hit enter at the unit price field and it would add an additional line. Thanks again!

Perhaps it was in some other program, as far as I know, Manager has never supported adding new line items using enter. It was always through clicking on a button.

Wow, just tried clicking on the Split button and voila!
However lubos, on my PC version of Manager I could just het the enter key after the amount unit price cell and it would make the new line. On my Mac version however it did not want to work, but the Split button did - thanks!

I Confirm! Manager adds new line with Enter key from Unit Price field on a PC, doesn’t do that on a Mac.

the Enter key was working fine on my Windows 7 and today I just updated it to Windows 10 and installed latest manager and now Enter key is not working to add a new line.

If you read the beginning of this four-year old thread you’ve added your post to, you will see that this was never intended behavior and seems only to have happened on old versions of Windows.