Sales Invoice Totals by Customer report showing zero-balance customers

I have seen new update includes zero balance clients also in the report i generate on daily & monthly basis. basically it generates reports for all customers.
Kindly show me how to remove those customers who has zero balances from the list.

What report? If you are referring to the Aged Receivables report, that bug was already fixed. Update your software.

Under Sales Invoice Total by Customer.
kindly advise how to update software.

Thank you for the confirmation. I was just checking since you did not specify the report name in your post and there was a similar bug in another report (two reports actually). This seems like a bug. I am moving the topic to the bugs category and editing the subject.

You said you already had updated.

Fixed in the latest version (21.4.57)

No i dont know how to update cloud version

You did not mention you were using the cloud edition. The cloud edition will update automatically within a few hours. You can force the update at any time by restarting your cloud server following this Guide: Obtain cloud edition customer support | Manager.