Sales invoice sub total by tax code

I believe the default behavior on sales invoices is to display sub-total for all of the items on an invoice.

Is it possible to modify this in order to have sub-total per tax code (assuming there is more than one tax code in use on an invoice)?


Can this be moved to the ideas category then?

I am fairly certain such subtotals do not exist in the database.

All subtotals would be concurrent calculations, but besides that, to have sub-totals per tax code would also necessitate that the line items be sorted (grouped) by tax code otherwise what’s the point.

If a sales invoice has 50 line items of mixed up tax codes, how does a tax code subtotal at the base of the sales invoice have relevance to line items without manual screening.

I’ve seen invoices that have a summary of total sales by tax code. An example is here in box 5.

I think it is a useful to have on a sales invoice because it shows a quick tax summary for whoever is receiving the invoice. But yeah, if it is not possible in manager, it not possible. :slight_smile: