Why is a sales invoice automatically stamped Paid in Full?

I make a new sales invoice and it automatically stamps it paid in full. I just did an update so is there a bug with the update

this would happen only if you have payments received in excess for the particular customer.
please check the transactions related to the customer and correct any errors.

over received, or mistyped numbers

No it was a new customer with a first time invoice

@Wornout for help of others, please use a more descriptive discussion topic title.
could you show a screenshot of the list of invoices?

in Customers tab click on the blue figure under Accounts receivable column and post the screenshot.

also, post a screenshot of your invoice edit screen. you can hide the unnecessary data.

one other thing would be to make sure you do not have any starting balance set for the customer.

I figured it out.
I was testing my invoice template as someone said if you go into form details and set it for your template then remove the customer name and save it , it will always bring up your template so I did this and was testing it on a new invoice in which I had put it for a 0 amount. It was the 0.00 amount that was causing the problem . well not a problem it was logical when I thought about it if nothing was owed then yes its paid in full .I guess the moral of the story don’t sit up very late working cause your mind is just not that sharp.