Sales invoice not reflected on Summary screen

I am new to this wonderful and simple to use product. I installed it recently and I have created 5 transactions. When I go to summary, I can see the total for 4 invoices excluding one invoice. I cloned the invoice and then the summary was correct. As soon as I delete one of the two invoices, the summary figure goes down to exclude the 5th invoice. Is there any reason why this is so. FYI the 5th invoice is the first invoice in the database. Please help!

This is really strange and I can’t really see how it could be possible (because I wrote the code). Can you post some screenshots that show this behavior step-by-step?

Sales Invoices


If you look closely at Summary screen it says: Financial Position as at 28/05/2014 which means Summary doesn’t include future transactions (today is 28/05/2014).

To make it clear, you can see on sales invoices screen that future dates are in red color and those invoices are not included on Summary page because Summary represents your figures as of today and not as of tomorrow or day after.

Oooh thanks Lubos. I am embarrassed that I could not see this!! Cheers

No worries, there is nothing to be embarrassed of. I would be embarrassed if it would be a bug :smile: