Issue with total labels

hi please look at the screenshot below kindly correct the calculations. as before update everything was perfect.
If you look at the screenshot there should be one total before withholding tax deduction so we can know the grand total of the invoice.
please @Tut do not reply with your unrealistic justifications you always gives weird justifications.
Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 6.36.32 PM

if we select legacy layout then everything seems to be working perfect.

You need to show both versions of the entire invoice. Also describe what you think is wrong. It is impossible to tell if anything is wrong from what you showed.

this result is produced using legacy layout and this result is perfect. Please note that both results are of same invoice.
Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 7.44.06 PM

So there is no calculation error when comparing the 2 examples although the names differ where total in the newer presentation is the same as the amount due in the old one. If anything the original is more confusing as it has a total and a balance due in bold print.

The new overview is correct by subtracting the withholding tax and then showing that the total includes GST by not including it as part of the presented table figures but below the Total.

As I asked before, what do you think is an error? The layout changed, but the numbers are the same.

yes calculations are correct but way of showing them is incorrect there should be one invoice total before deduction of withtholding tax so our customer can counter check the calculation if they want to

in my particular example the exact total of invoice is 8867600 not 8468558 showed by new layout

8468558 is payable by customer after deduction of withholding and so basically it is balance due not invoice total.

So your subject was misleading, and your real complaint is with choice of labels.

I will edit your subject.

@lubos need guidance. recent updates are very usefull and to the point but this error needs to be solved

As we pointed out this is not an error. I prefer the new way and you the old way.

I can see the issue. You can’t see invoice total before deducting withholding tax.

yes invoice total should be seen

I came to post the exact same issue. Version 22.7.27
Edit: But it works in legacy layout


yes exactly

Fixed in the latest version (22.8.6)

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The topic is not showing on update releases page.

Only major updates get mentioned on the releases - most bug fixes do not

Thanks @lubos you saved my day it now working perfectly