Sales invoice item - batch create

When we create sales invoice item, we can link that to “Inventory Item”. However,
when we create sales invoice item using “batch create”, there is no option to link it
to “Inventory Item”.

Is there any option (or workaround) to link the sales/purchase invoice item to
inventory item in “batch create/update”?

This is not currently supported. I’m planning some improvements to inventory items which will add support for pricing levels. So if you are using sales invoice items to setup pricing levels for inventory items, you won’t need sales invoice items in future as everything will be handled directly within inventory items.

Thanks @lubos ! That will be nice to have!!

can you please let me know approximate timeline to add this feature?

We have thousands of products. That will help us to avoid manually linking it for every inventory item.
Without adding “Sales invoice item”, we need to select the account as “Inventory - sales” for each
entry in the sales invoice. That’s time consuming.

Thanks for your support!

Just wait a few weeks. Inventory items will be shown under Items column so in your case, you won’t need to set up these sales invoice items at all.

For the time being, just keep selecting Inventory - sales account when selling.

Sure, Thanks @lubos !