Request: Inventory Items : Sales or Purchase

I would like to request to add feature back at Inventory Items
Like this item can be sales or purchase
Inventory Items need to separate for sales or purchase or both
let me explain in example
Let’s say for Manufacturing Industry(small one, ready made food manufacturing and distribution, or shoe maker)
We had raw materials and finished goods
for raw materials we need to use only at purchase, no need for sales
for finished goods we need to use only at sales, no need for purchase
So, if this feature is enable back, it will be more convenience
thank you

But what is the need for this information? All inventory items must be usable in transactions that involve both additions (by purchase, production, transfer, or journal) and subtractions (by sale, production, transfer, write-off, or journal). The program has no need to distinguish whether an inventory item can be purchased or sold, as those are only two of the many possible transaction types in which additions and subtractions can occur. Remember, the various inventory management functions are largely a matter of counting, with costing and pricing overlaid on that basic process. This is unlike non-inventory items, which are not counted. For those, the functions primarily involve purchasing and selling monetary amounts, not counted quantities. And designation as to whether they can be purchased or sold simply enables designation of target accounts.

let’s say we had 200 items for raw materials
only 50 items for finished goods
we can see only 50 items at sales, it will be more easier

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i agree, this can be useful

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for this reason usually manufacturers give relevant item codes to the inventory items.
for example, all finished goods start with an item code FG
so when making an invoice you type FG in the line item and Manager only lists the inventory items recorded with item code starting with FG.

I agree with @sharpdrivetek. Searching the drop down list is the least efficient way to select an item.