Purchase Invoice / Division Field

Dear @lubos

I tried to make purchase invoice but i didn’t find division field. Before it was possible to locate it

Can you check?

Thank you!

The Division field appears only after an account has been selected to which it might be applicable for the transaction type. You have shown an empty purchase invoice. But if you were to select an account like Computer equipment, you would see:

Of course, the divisions must be defined first, or the field will never appear. See these Guides: Create and manage divisions | Use divisions for the Balance Sheet | Use divisions for the Profit and Loss Statement

dear kindling advise as we select item there is no division option is showing while it was before

Have you created Divisions first as per the guide linked in previous post?
Also, what Manager version and edition are you using?

@Lubos this may be a bug, I can replicate that Division selection no longer appears when selecting an Inventory item in Purchase Invoice, even if that one was assigned to a Division. This is in Manager v22.1.2 Server Edition (Ubuntu 20.04).

Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 12.32.58

yes i have created divisions
and i am using version 22.1.2

its showing when selecting account

its showing division option in sales invoice when selecting item

@Sabir_Zafar, divisions for inventory items are selected when defining the items, not when purchasing them.