Sales Invoice and Receipts Batch Create

I am using Desktop version of Manager for managing a welfare society accounts.
This involves regular basis contribution from members. I have set up members as customers.
I need solutions for the following topics:
-> I have data for last 8-9 months of receiving contribution from members. I need some kind of upload mechanism to have this data in the system so that I can use Manager full fledged.
-> Similarly every quarter I need to raise invoice on members for quarterly contribution. I know there is a very good facility of recurring invoices which can be used. My problem is more of old data of last 3-4 quarters.

Any suggestion, guidance or support shall be highly appreciated.

First, do you really need to upload historical records? Can you get by with entering a starting balance for the customers as of the date you began using Manager? This is possible when creating or editing a customer.

Second, if all these contributions went into a bank account, you might accomplish what you want by importing the bank statements.

Why do you need to enter prior invoices? This is normally done when changing accounting systems only if the invoice is still outstanding, so as to properly initialize the Accounts receivable account. If the customer is up to date, old invoices serve no useful purpose. If it is that important to be able to look up a customer’s history, Manager might not be the right application for your needs.

Thanks for quick reply Tut.
One more question, I have these 400 invoices to be created every quarter. Is there some kind of batch create available for Sales Invoice creation?
I have seen one option of recurring invoices however I am not sure how that functionality handle change in value in each invoice.
Your help shall be highly appreciated.

No, there is not a batch creation capability for sales invoices. If these invoices are going to your society members, it seems like setting up recurring sales invoices is your best bet, even if you have to edit them to adjust amounts.

No question about it, things can be tedious to set up an accounting system. That’s why they call it work! :wink: