Sales in Summary does not match the total of individual sales invoices

Something strange is happening.
The sales figure in the summary (Verkopen 21% NL) keeps increasing for no good reason, as far as I can see.
It’s nice to see my retained earnings growing, but it’s not right.
The sales figure in the summary shows:

Clicking on [20.801,50] to see the details shows:

But actualy the concerning sales invoice shows:

Increasing of the figures happened when I was clicking to and fro the Summary figures and the details of that figure,
But now it stopped.

What is happening? And how can I get the right figures?
I am using Cloud edition, 17.7.46.

After changing the period in the Summary normal figures are back again.

Period was: 01/01/2017 until 06/30/2017
Changed period to: 01/01/2017 until 07/31/2017
Then changed period to: 01/01/2017 until 06/30/2017

et voila, everything looks normal again.

It was very odd to see the figures changing just by clicking.

I am not able to reproduce it, so let’s say it’s solved for the moment.

Sorry for any incovenience if caused.

Nu kunt u achterover leunen en wachten op het volgende Breda Jazz Festival dat ik heb genoten

Wooowww, first two beers are on me at the Jazz Festival in 2018, that is if you can come again.

Why two beers? Well, I come from Breda, as you know, and it’s a (very good) saying that “one can not stand on one leg”.
Which is used as an (nice) excuse :innocent:

May I ask, did the translator do some work for you, or do you live in Belgium.
If you like you can contact me in private.