Sales and Collection Report

Our trading company have 3 salesmen, we are preparing invoices with separate tracking code and getting sales and collection amount separately from profit and lose statement. But that report is not enough. I need detailed report to evaluate monthly sales and collection of sales team. Please find attached a monthly sales and collection report taken from tally.

Can I take a similar report from manager.

What does the report from screenshot represents? Debit/credit movements across all customers? How does it help you?

This report is to our sales team. I have to give monthly report to every salesmen about their monthly sales and collection. Their monthly commission and performance evaluation depends on this report.

Assamulaikum Ansar.
I am really not sure about your issues. But want you to follow below in order to track sales by individual salesmen as tracking code.
Report>Profit and Loss>Select Tracking Code (Here your salesman) > Update
This should give you everything related to tracking code.
Hope above helps. Let me know if it works for you.

The screen shot you included does not really show what you say you want. What would the contents of your desired report actually be?

Thanks for the reply,

One sales man take care of a group of customers. We need Debit/Credit movement (sales/collection) of that group as attached above.


Ahmed Ansar

Walikumuslam Mr. Raj,
Thanks for your kind advise, But I know about that report. That report is not enough, it gives only a total figure.

Sorry, that kind of report is currently not possible. When custom reports are ready, then you will be able to have that kind of report.

when we can expect custom report to take debit/Credit report of all customers or a group of customers.