SAF-T future Request

Dear Manager Team, I have been working with the Manager in Angola from last 4 years, everything has been going well but since the last few years the Government of Angola has changed the rules that want all software to have the option of SAF-T and only authorized for use or change of the software, and for me it is not possible to change it because I created 4 companies in the manager and it is not possible to have the same manager data for other software so please help me as you possible to handle my situation otherwise i will lost my compnies details

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What exactly is SAF-T ?

Is there a website with an explantion?

@Joe91 don’t give false hope to the OP. This same question by @shamsuddin_esaf1 was already answered by lubos in this thread

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It is a European standard to transmit tax reporting to the tax authority… it is an XML format.

I think that @lubos should start thinking a way to import and export data of Manager into/from XML files defined by the users.

Without this functionality Manager risks to became useless for most of the users.

BTW it is what I proposed more than a year ago and it is already in the ideas.

thank you very much for your help, hope mr lubo give me a solution

any update?

@lubos any update about SAF-T?

Any Update About Saft-T

@lubos any update about SAF-T

@lubos We need this functionality in Angola to validate the system with the tax authority and that’s the only way to get new users and join your partner program for Angola

Any update?

There are multiple countries coming up with similar requirements. Over the past few months I was experimenting with various approaches. At this point I’m set on the solution but it will take a few months to get there. Mostly because this will require outside programming help in those countries and first I need to get things prepared at my end.

So this is absolutely on my mind because it’s deal-breaker feature.


This is excellent news

I’m here if you need same help for the italian format.

I’m also here if you need the same help for the Angolan format.

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If there is any help needed in the UK, let me know.

Just to give you an update on this. It won’t take too long now to implement this.

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