SAF-T future Request

Dear Manager Team, I have been working with the Manager in Angola from last 4 years, everything has been going well but since the last few years the Government of Angola has changed the rules that want all software to have the option of SAF-T and only authorized for use or change of the software, and for me it is not possible to change it because I created 4 companies in the manager and it is not possible to have the same manager data for other software so please help me as you possible to handle my situation otherwise i will lost my compnies details

What exactly is SAF-T ?

Is there a website with an explantion?

@Joe91 don’t give false hope to the OP. This same question by @shamsuddin_esaf1 was already answered by lubos in this thread

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It is a European standard to transmit tax reporting to the tax authority… it is an XML format.

I think that @lubos should start thinking a way to import and export data of Manager into/from XML files defined by the users.

Without this functionality Manager risks to became useless for most of the users.

BTW it is what I proposed more than a year ago and it is already in the ideas.

thank you very much for your help, hope mr lubo give me a solution

any update?

@lubos any update about SAF-T?

Any Update About Saft-T

@lubos any update about SAF-T