Rounding off after calculations


Do you have a question?

Yes I do. The question is how do i round off amounts after all necessary
calculations such as tax etc.

Thank you.

Luisa K

First, your software is out of date. You should update.

Second, the screen shot you show is a record of transactions in a cash or bank account. These should exactly match the amount of the transaction. Why would you want to round them?

Third, the only thing you can round automatically in Manager is a sales invoice. The technique is described in this Guide: Other rounding can be entered via separate line items. But be aware this may have unexpected tax consequences, because authorities do not care that you are rounding for convenience (either of yourself or your customer). They will expect tax on the exact amount.

Fourth, if you want to round a purchase invoice to match your supplier’s sales invoice, see this Guide:

thanks for the feedback:

1- yes will update
2- yes, going to bank to make withdrawal. rounding off because we do not have any 1 or 2 cents no more
3- thank you for infor.
4 - thank you for infor.


What you want, then, isn’t rounding. You want Manager to restrict representations to match the 5, 10, 20, and 50 cent coins in circulation since 2009. The question of whether that is appropriate depends on whether practice in Fiji is to calculate exact amounts in cents, but only exchange amounts matching coinage, or to round all transactions to the nearest 5 cents. Can you provide examples of how things are usually done? More important, can you provide links to documentation of how the government expects taxes to be calculated?

Manager does restrict calculations in some currencies. For example, if your base currency is the Vietnamese dollar, all decimal places are suppressed. I am not aware of examples where rounding to intervals takes place.

@lubos, the developer, will know how the Fiji dollar is currently treated and whether interval rounding can be incorporated (if appropriate).

In the meantime, if you want to pay employees in available coinage, you can enter adjustment line items on payments to force payment amounts to match available coinage. Or just leave tiny balances of a few cents in the Employee clearing account until the next payday. Over time, these tiny amounts will add up to 5 cents and can be paid.

Thanks for the advice.

Fiji Government policy rounds off cents to the nearest 5 cents. if it is
$20.22 then it will be $20 or $20.23 then it will be $20.25.

It does not suppress just rounds off to the nearest 5 cents.

Luisa K

When creating the payslip use a Payslip Item called “1c/2c Rounding”, so if the payslip on creation doesn’t end in a 5 or 10 amount, then you add the item with an appropriate amount.

EG if the initial amount ends in a 8, you would add 0.02, but if it ends in a 7, you would deduct 0.02. Such variations don’t affect tax as they are payment adjustments not tax calculation adjustments.

ok thank you. will try that, thank you.

yippee thank you … the new payslip item called “1c/2c rounding” worked very well. thank you so much.