Product feature questions

Hello i have been bouncing around accounting/invoicing systems for the last several years or decades :slight_smile: am using ERPNext right now it is great however they seem more interested in the having a project than the actual project itself if you know what i mean? In the past i have used or dabbled with most AntERP/OpenEPR/Odoo, tryton, dollibar, pancake invoices (on of my favorites until the removed the forum) and a bunch of others.

To make a long story short i have a few questions about, before giving it a real try.

Does it or will it have customer portal? I read here that it is being worked on but is it or when will it be finished?

I would like to have product images appear on the invoice, i guess add them to inventory items and have them render to pdf, seems manager is pretty flexible with custom fields and html templates but is the possible?

No, it doesn’t, and that would violate a fundamental principle of the product, which is that desktop, server, and cloud editions work the same way. Obviously, a customer portal cannot happen on a desktop edition. And it is not on the roadmap.

Yes. This has been possible since April and is described in the release note below.

got me by seconds :smile:

Not to be nitpicky, but the cloud version already differs from the desktop version with regards to user access control and hyperlinks to new tabs and I see no reason why customer portals could not be implemented for the cloud version and Server versions. In fact, customer portals are becoming increasingly common in that many websites like Amazon give the customer a complete purchase history and for the websites that I buy from, proper downloadable invoices.

So I see customer portals as the future. I wouldn’t mind having that functionality as well so that my clients can view all their purchases with my company over the years and download invoices when they need an invoice for an audit or something. Obviously the desktop version could not support this feature, but I would not rule this out for Cloud and Server Versions.

So never say never!

I have to agree with @dalacor here, it would be handy server-side (local or cloud) feature to have.

The fundamental principle of the product as @tut calls it, and the difference between desktop and other versions is essentially users, and customers (in the view of a customer portal) are just another type of user.

Continuing in that vein a paid feature (like user access and restrictions), a customer portal would be a reason for people to migrate from desktop to a hosted version.