Revisiting Automatic Disabling of Unused Functional Tabs

I have become accustomed to Manager developers implementing great ideas. The recent email from mentioned “automatically disable unused functional tabs”. I think this, too, is a great idea. A user can enable all the tabs he/she thinks he/she might use. Then, without the user needing to do some kind of analysis to check which tabs he/she is actually using, Manager can remove the clutter.

Might be that the real problem is to give the user more awareness and control. The user needs to know that the tabs will be disabled. And the user needs to be able to control whether this will happen or not.

Some ways to implement might be having a button so the user requests deleting unused tabs every time. Or maybe the deletion needs to be with a popup that gives a choice to delete unused tabs or cancel.

I am almost certain that Manager developers would implement in a much better way than I described in the preceding paragraph. I think we would want something better than the popup I mentioned. We could be annoyed at a popup that we have to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ all the time.

In any case, I’m thinking we could revisit the idea: Manager can identify and help the user deactivate unused tabs.

Just look at the numbers of the items on each tab to see if it is used or not. Without all this complicated workflow.

You should think that Manager can be used by a company. A tab is activated by an administrator, with a brain, that knows that potentially is useful. Maybe not today but most surely in the future. Automatically deactivating the functionalities would create a mess. The administrator should be always on allert to activate the tabs.

That’s why I asked this function to be deactivated and thanks God it was.


I think you explained here better than the email I received.

So, there already is a super-easy way to identify unused tabs. And deactivating is just as easy as activating no difference in effort.

I think the Manager team’s thought is still a good idea. But now I think that the idea would not be implemented in the software. Instead, the idea would be a suggestion in the Guides (maybe already is), and maybe an occasional email.

Yes, tabs shouldn’t just disappear on you.

Maybe @lubos can make this function optional

Making something optional means there needs to be a checkbox somewhere in the program to indicate the preference. Unless there is an obvious place where to put such a checkbox, it’s better not to have the feature at all if it’s not essential to keep things simple.

Simplify Manager | Manager. It’s been there for two years.

You just got the first one in the November newsletter. The rollback only happened 10 days ago.

Interesting that without checking, I figured the simplicity suggestion already is in the guides.

Manager Accounting is very thoughtfully designed. I think one of the reasons Manager accounting is so good is that the Manager team listens to it users, but does not blindly implement every whim.

Must take a team of at least 10 software developers to develop the accounting software so completely.