Be able to hide app features that are not used anymore

I am trying to hide app features that I used in the past on my bisiness that I don 't use anymore, but can’t because they have documents insode them.

For example I want to hide folders because I don’t use that anymore, but becasue there are some created folders, Manager doesn’t let me hide it from the menu. The same with Payslips, Capital Accounts etc. I am trying to unclutter my view now that I don’t have stuff in my business. I think it will be a nice addition.


I also support the idea given by @AntonisV
It will be a nice addition.
So that Tabs can also be marked as inactive and hide them from screen.

  1. Backup your businesses file and put it in multiple safe places with the current version of Manager. You have now achieved all data retention requirements of your jurisdiction.

  2. Batch deleted functionality you no longer use in Manager.

  3. Inactivate the tabs you no longer want to use in your business going forward.

I my opinion Manager is missing core functionality, by which I mean basic accounting accuracy and jurisdiction required reporting compliance (electronic data interchange, arithmetic in localisation to enable calculations based on jurisdictions intermediate values)

Getting the program to look pretty and extend into broader application areas is nice but largely irrelevant without the core accounting functionality imo.

You can mark as inactive quotes, inventory etc. Why not tabs? Good idea!

I encourage this idea.
And also I’m going to come up with the idea of compiling common tabs.
Such as having basic groups (cash, sales, purchases, production, etc.) and each group under which sub-tabs can be folded and reopened when needed, it will be more likely to produce the required tab.

I admit I still need some time often to find the tab I want, even though I’ve been using the program for a long time, maybe for over a year and a half, and that’s still annoying to me.

I had put forward a proposal a while ago to put the idea of keyboard shortcuts into the process (and it was put forward a lot) that would make it much easier to work.
For example, if you press the “S” button to open sales, it’ll be a lot easier than looking at the tabs on it.

I am not the one to give priorities here. I am just giving ideas as a user.

Everyone has different needs.

Probably what I proposed is 10 times easier to implememt, doesn’t need any New functionality, just to erase a restriction that’s turned on.

Also probably what you are describing maybe be more important to many People. I didn’t even understood what you’ve asked, because I am not an accountant, I am a business owner.

If you have analysed it somewhere else please give us a link, and don’t analyse it here.

Ideas posts don’t need to be judged for importance by others, only from the dev team.

They just need others to:

  • support them.
  • don’t support them.
  • pointing out something in the idea that’s wrong or that could be done better

The last thing they need is someone to tell us that it’s not so important than another idea.

So either you like it, or if you don’t. Or tell us any reason that the idea could or should not be implemented.

Stay positive, I have a ton of ideas about Manager, but long time ago I realized that not everyone works/thinks/likes/prioritizes what I do, including the developers.

Please put this topic in the category of ideas, please.

@Tut or @Abeiku, can you please put this into ideas?

No, I will not. The idea of concealing functional tabs that have transactions in them affecting your financial statements seems a very poor idea. It will very likely lead to many confused users.

@Tut I don’t undrestand, is it your responsibility to judge ideas, or to moderate the forum?

Even if you are responsible for an idea’s judgement, it’s not a good forum moderation to not put an idea into ideas.

The setting should be per user and not for everyone, so every user could pick the tabs he likes, considering that on server edition there will be tabs that he hasn’t rights anyway.

You always have the possibilty to use the old-fashioned year-end closing and start a new business for 2022 without the tabs that are no longer in use. :point_up:

You mean create a new business? Because looong ago I’ve been instructed that the developer’s intention is not to do that.

User is supposed to retain his business, with all information. And each element he doesn’t use anymore could be deactivated. We can deactivate employees, customers, inventory and possibly every other element.

To add another point to @Tut,

All theese deactivated elements have transactions that affect financial statements but nonetheless CAN be deactivated.

So right now in my business, ALL of the employees are deactivated because they are fired. For the foreseeable future we will not make and hiring and I, the USER, don’t want to have that tab taking up space.

Why not? I understood that items can move to the ideas part for discussion purposes, which then may lead to consideration by @Lubos for implementation. So it is he that will either support it, reject it or improve on the idea. Others in this forum should be free to express their opinion as part of the discussion related to the ideas. This opinion could include pointing out that it is of lesser priority than other ideas based for example on you initial post that:

A nice or good to have is already implying that the suggestion is of lesser importance as otherwise you would have used wording such as “I think it is a must have addition”. What I am trying to say here is to allow anyone to discuss and express their opinion about ideas as they see fit because it will only help when considering its implementation.

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I said, you can:like it, dislike it, add to that idea, or tell us why is will not work. This is exactly what you are referring to. Ok, you want people to prioritize? Give votes.

To underestimate my Idea and at the same time advertise your’s as more important it’s not polite.

But if you’d like, I can pop up in every idea posted, and compare it with mine. Do you want that??

@AntonisV discussions are not personal attacks but they often challenge ideas and opinions. As part of the discourse they are allowed to completely rubbish an idea, that is what freedom of speech is all about and how politics can be perceived as rough but only are when becoming personal.

I can see how this might seem impolite but for others it may seem fair. I personally can’t say if I’m leaning either way but I can say this: regardless of what others reply to the post, the idea is going to either be the OP or another solution to the exact same problem of the OP.

Also while I support @AntonisV’s idea, I still can see where @Tut is coming from. This friction of ideas will only hone them into the gyms they really are.

That aside, here’s my take on how @Tut’s problem could be solved, How about this:

Instead of customize we get an others tab or “…” which will also summarize the data count of active but hidden tabs.


Freedom of speech is a thing, but politeness is another.

“My needs are more important that yours”, that’s what I read all in all.

In my use case, Manager’s accuracy is fine. I never wanted the app to be more precise.

If it was core functionality, then he wouldn’t use the application any way.

I asked a link for the other Idea, and didn’t got any.

I also saw @Patch posting about voting: Forum ideas voting.

In that post @sharpdrivetek replied:

Consider now that Patch says that my idea is

Clearly suggests that he doesn’t understand that this feature is about “Ease Of Use”. Probably he has other priorities, and he is just downvoting like sharpdrivetek says.

In any case I strongly believe that voting should return so that anyone can vote an Idea. Even let downvoting like Patch said. It’s better because it doesn’t ignite hijacking other’s ideas posts with one’s own priorities.

See what happened ? We are talking all this time for every other thing instead talking about the Topic.

Best possible solution !! loved it

I do not think the financial statements would be affected when you set something as inactive in Manager. We already have various items and accounts that can be set as inactive and we are still able to maintain accurate accounting. Setting a tab as inactive only disables a user from entering any new transactions in the tab. It does not delete the transactions from your business data.

I like your suggestion.

Another suggestion would be to group the inactive tabs as Legacy Modules similar to the Legacy Features we have under Settings.

That is not what I said. I wrote about concealing functional tabs.

My entire point is that they are not “legacy” modules, features, or anything else. They are active components of your current financial position.