Modules disabled automatically - Cloud edition

Good day. Thank you for a great program.

As soon as I add a new business and add modules to that business,
within 15 minutes the modules disappear automatically.
I then have to add modules again.
Within 15 minutes the same problem…

It only shows the following:


Hope I am not the only one with this problem.

Thank you in advance.

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No, this is as designed.

Why add new modules if you are not using them? To stop tab from disappearing, just create something under the tab. The issue I’m trying to resolve is to stop businesses to have tabs enabled which they never use.

Maybe add a notification saying tabs will disappear if you are not using it?

Hi, Lubos.

This makes total sense.

Thank you for your prompt reply.


It seems a problem to my user.

I have many restricted user and many businesses and I am the only administrator and accountant for all the businesses. When it is disabled automatically, my user will not aware the available module for them. They may think that the system is not complete and they need to ask me.

I’m not intend to give any of my user admin right to customize the business because each user have access on certain business only.

I do hope that the automatic disabled for modules will be cancelled immediately because many of my user started to query me.

Please consider my suggestion. The previous design is just nice. Please advice @lubos

Thank you.


Me too… it’s a mess. As an administrator I enable modules that are and will be useful with cognition of the cause. If I’m not reachable for a couple of weeks this function will stop the workflow…

@lubos please revert this update or insert an option to disable it. This can of issue reminds me when you disabled the possibility to set custom themes and you slowed down the workflow of everybody…


We have not updated because we have been concerned what effect this may have on existing entities and the configured users.
Right now I have reserved thoughts on this innovative idea. We would prefer once modules are assigned to users for each entity and they have been advised of such that it remain consistent.

Is this unique to the Cloud Edition only?

please for all Manager users :sunglasses:,kindly vote in order to be this module design cancelled.

Thanks all.

Please consider this @lubos . Thanks.

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No. It will affect all users.

The latest version (18.10.79) reverts this change. Modules won’t be disabled automatically. However I still feel like the system should be actively nudging users not to have enabled modules they don’t need.


Perhaps I miss understand the rule to trigger / hide / disable the unused Tab.
Unused meaning the tab will disappear only if for example there are no entries under a particular enabled tab.

If another restricted user with access to the hidden tab adds an item to the hidden tab it will result in the tab reappearing for all restricted users with that tab access enabled because there is now content under that particular tab, correct?

If the disabled module system works similar to what I understand above … the idea in my view is OK.

The challenge would be though when a restricted user is managing a new entity or setting up a business with little or no data committed to the entity / system as yet.

I do not see this feature influencing operations that have been in place for a while.

The problem is that you cannot add an item without having access to an hidden tab. So once it disappears you cannot work on it anymore unless you are an administrator…

You can make it optional and settable under administrator settings…

Yes @lubos noted.

Thank you for your consideration and awesome software.:clap::+1::+1::+1::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:

Then perhaps the trigger should be three months if module is unused, this would at least allow new businesses / restricted users to have entered activity.

I don’t think that materially alters the situation. Accounts could have been set up in anticipation of predictable, annual usage. Just because the events for which they are intended have not yet transpired doesn’t mean automatic disappearance of an account would be any more acceptable.

Involuntary modification of the chart of accounts seems wrong to me under any circumstances. Even a periodic reminder would be annoying.

This topic, is about disabling unused Modules not disabling unused Chart of Accounts.

Yes, but when tabs are disabled, automatic accounts created for them also vanish. For example, disable the Suppliers tab because you have not yet entered any suppliers and Accounts payable goes away. Disable Fixed Assets tab because you haven’t purchased the centerpiece machine of your factory and four accounts disappear.

I supposed, unused mean “no records”, is this?

Incorrect, tabs only have automatic accounts after they have activity, so disabling unused tabs (zero count) doesn’t affect the Chart of Accounts.