Return money to Customer

Dear Sir,
one of my client paid me 20,00,000/- by mistake and asked me to returned 15,00,000/- which I returned him back. how to make this entry.

Presumably yòu recorded the receipt of 20,000 using a Receive transaction and the customer account

Record the refund of the 15,000 as a Payment transaction and the same customer account.

Thanks Joe, but still my problem exist, how to make entry in Manager, in under "Account " it should be account payable, and account payable is for supplier, so I need to add my client in supplier list. And then when I generate “Report” and “Customer Statement(transaction)” , this transaction is not showing.

No, when entering the payment, select the Accounts Receivable and then the Customer and enter the amount

See the Guide: Pay a refund | Manager.

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