Resurrecting the Install Issue!

I realise this has been mentioned in the past but I think there is an unresolved issue? Open to being shot down on my first post.

As said by others, I too always work in a limited user account (lua). I hold up the guru who is Mark Russinovich as justification. I can usually install any program as LUA by giving elevated permissions.

Not so Manager? I read in the forum that by design Manager won’t offer the admin elevation prompt?

My experience has been that Manager offers to install in the User folder instead. This is not a good place for executable files to go. There’s a reason why the program folders have only read/execute permissions for standard(limited) users. Limited users should not be able to write to the same folder that contains executables. (Not my opinion). Software restriction policies block execution from the Users folder (or any non standard location) in ‘default-deny’ mode, again for same reason.

.exe installers offer a right/click ‘Run As Admin’ but .msi installers don’t. In my experience .msi installers auto-prompt when you click ‘Install’ - e.g. LibreOffice. Manager doesn’t.

To avoid the Users folder needs me to manually create a folder in the correct program folder, take ownership as LUA, install and then reverse out.

When I upgraded today to v18.10.68, Manager offered to install to my manually created program folder so I didn’t take ownership as LUA. The install threw up an access error and failed, leaving me with the old Manager files still in place and Win10 saying Manager was gone. I cleaned out the old files and repeated my original workaround. All went well.

I can survive this myself, but just add my plea for the Manager .msi installer to auto-prompt for elevated privileges. Otherwise my guess is Mark Russinovich wouldn’t be too happy. Not that he possibly knows much about double entry book keeping.

I’ll be back with bookkeeping questions soon, so don’t want to push my luck.

Why do you insist on Manager being installed system-wide? There is no benefit.

You say you don’t want limited account to tamper with installation binaries but if your limited account is compromised, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Plenty of new apps are designed around the idea of being able to work under limited account and are installed in local user folders without ever touching global Program Files folder.

Thanks for reply.

I don’t insist on having Manager available global. Only use one user account. Admin account has cobwebs. Just like things neat I guess – arranging pencils by size sort of thing. Too long in tooth to change now. Can live with manually re-arranging the furniture.

No new-fangled apps darken my user folder! But agree we can never know what is compromised.