Restriction deleting attached image

Regarding the new feature which is attaching an image in forms,
Those images can be simply deleted without any warning and cannot be ‘undo’ on the history.
Further more it can be deleted beyond locked date.
A staff who has permission to update a form can simply delete that image(evidence/supporting document) beyond the locked date and administrator has no way to find it out (the deletion action not registered in history too)
Nearly same topic has been discussed here too. (but there at-least we have confirmation prompt)

For so called evidence you should not use the image attachment in the edit screen but in the view screen. Attachments to view screens of forms have been in existence for many years and include image formats. This is where you for example would attach an image of a receipt in Receipts. See screenshot (bottom of view screen where I attached a png file):

The creation and deletion of these attachments is recorded in history and can thus be traced (see screenshot):

In other topics on the forum it has been explained that descriptions, names, attachments etc can be changed after lock-date, only the actual transaction, dates, and accounts can not be changed.

I agree with you that it is strange that adding and deleting an image in the edit screen is not captured by history also.

Thank you @eko for giving me more details about the supporting document attachment.