Images Uploads

Is it possible to upload images as remarks attachment for our references such as customer payment slips proof, our design artworks thumbnails etc… As we work our design all the times, the invoice only allows text. We simply wrote Design Charges, and some remarks on which dates and file name. But sometime these would duplicates. Possibly if we can upload images, so we can easily know which is which…? If possible to upload proof of delivery would be make life much easier.

Ability to upload attachments is on the roadmap, see: Free Accounting Software | Manager

great. looking forward.

It looks like the roadmap is no longer accessible, but was wondering if this is likely to come - as suggested from this post, it was something that was going to happen fairly soon.

You are asking questions about a 4-year old subject that is obsolete. Generally, these tens of thousands of topics are not taken down or closed. But I will close this one since it led you astray.

The thread hinted at two topics:

In general, always search the Guides before starting new forum topics. Most functions have been covered. If not, search the forum next; this subject has been covered dozens of times, and you will get answers faster that way. Also, since you are new to the forum, read FAQ - Manager Forum.