Restoring from backup - File is encrypted or is not a database

Hi, I recently downloaded the most recent version to update what I was running on my mac

When I try and open Manager with the backup file I made just before I downloaded the new version, it comes up with an error - SQLiteException: file is encrypted or is not a database

There is a button that says Try Repair, but clicking this doesn’t seem to do anything and the only way back from here is to close down manager.

Is there another way to restore from backup?

I kept the original Manager program and I can still access my files from that OK.

I’m wanting to be able to move these files to my new laptop which will have the newest version of Manager installed, so I need to know that the files will open.

Under About Manager - what version is this ?

Manager 16.2.78, last updated about a year ago

Ok, there have been a number of major changes over that time so I am going to assume that your current version backup files mightn’t fit naturally into the current version. Therefore upgrade your existing version first and then do new backups.

The latest version has a new home page look so you might want to read these release notes first

If you can’t get it working, you can send the file you are trying to open to

This is pretty much the same issue that I reported yesterday. I’m still unsure what the steps are to upgrade without issues. Try repair does noting

Not necessarily, your edition in very recent so your database structure is current with regards to backups.
Their edition is over a year old so their database structure is out of sync with current edition requirements when importing backups.

For Mac users, you need to follow the Guide precisely.

Which guide? There is something clearly not right with this update for Mac users - I prefer to wait until development team work it out.

Still not sure why this update was necessary - everything was working fine and now we have to learn a completely new way of doing things.

Good point, the rehashed Guide format seem to have dropped it.

To bring the file handing format from being “unique (with cryptic names) and controlled” into the main stream usage , as used by all other applications where the user selects the file name, the file location etc.

This way Manager users don’t need to learn anything special, just use what they already do elsewhere

The Mac installation guide is on the forum under the Installation category. Updating is also included.

I followed the Mac Instillation guide, and it when I open the program I can see my business there, but it won’t let me open them - I just get the ‘file is encrypted’ error message. Because my business won’t open, I can’t do the new backups.

I’ll send copies to the address and see if they can be fixed.

For reference, how often do I need to update the program so that it isn’t a problem? Once a month?

Monitor the Releases category on the forum. Update when a feature you want is added. Not every little change is announced, as most are bug fixes or streamlining improvements.

Your problem is unrelated to frequency of update. You did something else that caused it.

Because Manager is constantly evolving at least once every three months at a minimum. Your current problem relates to your pre-update version being over 12 months old and the database has gone through some changes in that time, that is why lubos asked you to send the file.

I’m having a similar issue. I’m using Linux, did the update. When I open it the file is an older date. Not the one that I was using and backed up this morning. Get the same error when trying to restore backup. And yes it has been a while since I updated program. Can I send you the backup file? Can it be fixed?


When you do your first update to a version after 17.4.0, the program automatically converts data files to the new structure, including renaming them with plain language. But it doesn’t pick up your latest backup, only what was in the main application data folder. To add the backup, you must use the Open button and navigate to it. Then it will also show in the Recent list. See this Guide: as well as

This is what I get when I try and restore back up.

and then nothing happens.


Well, I unfortunately can’t help you with Linux. To get help from someone more knowledgeable, describe your sequence of actions in more detail. You actually jumped into the middle of a discussion about a problem on a Mac that has since been resolved. You said you were having a similar issue, but I’m certain it wasn’t the same issue, even if it showed similar symptoms.

The good thing is that unless you took strenuous measures to delete your data, it is still there somewhere. Give as much info as you can: previous version number or approximate download date, operating system version, any response at all from the Manager application, just what you see and what went wrong, etc. There have been reported problems with Linux. And @lubos may need to get your accounting file to massage it into shape, depending on how old it is.

This is what I get, but not just restoring from my backups. When it tries to open the regular working files as well (saved in the .local/manager folder).

More history. This all started today. Backed up file and then did upgrade to 17.4.23. Program opened fine, but data was back to 2016. Tried to restore back up received “File is encrypted or is not a data base” Clicked on try repair. Nothing happens. Just sits there.

Reinstalled old version 16.12.1 and resorted todays backup. No problem and back up.

I’m running Linux Mint 18.1 64 bit with Kernal 4.8.0-45 generic.

Does this mean I just need to not ever upgrade again?


No! Version 17.4.0 involved a fairly substantial change. The Windows version seemed to go fine. At least I haven’t seen any reported problems. The Mac version had one small issue that didn’t prevent normal operation, but that was fixed yesterday. Linux will get sorted out soon.

One bit of advice I might offer is to wait a week or so after a major release is announced to see if any bugs crop up. They get fixed quickly and then you can update with confidence. Another recommendation is to update fairly frequently so your database isn’t so far out of agreement with the current state of things.

It sounds like you are saving downloads; thus, you could go backwards. Be very careful about that, though. All Manager versions can open older data files and convert them to the current structure. But the reverse is not true. Once a file has been touched by a newer version, you should never try opening it with an older version. Data could be corrupted. If you must regress, add an older backup from the date of the program.