Restarting bank reconciliation

Is it possible to reset the current bank reconciliation session and restart? When Manager asked me the bank balance at the end date I entered the wrong figure and it went through asking for balances for other dates and has told me I have an error when I don’t. I thought if I exited out and went back in the reconciliation process would restart but it seems to remember what was entered and I can’t find any way to clear out what I did and restart the process.

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I was planning to enhance bank reconciliation process this month which will allow to reset bank reconciliation process. If I don’t make it this month, then certainly next month.

At what point did you get stuck? If you follow the process you will reconcile. It’s guaranteed. If you are stuck on some screen of the bank reconciliation and don’t know how to progress, you can post the screenshot (you can blur sensitive information, leave amounts only).

I did manage to get it working. When entering the balance off the bank statement I forgot that I had an unpresented cheque that I had to adjust for. Will the changes in the bank reconciliation allow it to handle cheques better as that seems to be a real weakness in the current reconciliation process?

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That’s right, I’m aware of this deficit and next month I’m planning to add new tab called Cheques which will allow to track unpresented cheques in elegant way.

I also entered an incorrect balance in the Bank Reconciliation field. Now it wants me to correct the balance, but I don’t find a way back to the original screen to do that. Help!!

Me too, once you enter in the wrong number during reconciliation for a bank account. The reconciliation becomes unusable. Just keeps on asking questions about random dates.

I’m having trouble too with reconcile.
When I open it, it asks me to enter a closing balance for a future date.

I’m currently in the process of rewriting bank reconciliation to address this and other issues. Should be released by end of this month.