Resend Email

Are we able to do this ? I can not see any where but there is a few things I have missed in the past. I would like to resend an Invoice along with the email I typed. If not could this go into the Ideas box please.

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Although adding a resend button to the Emails list would be quicker, you can resend an email by repeating the steps again. And if you haven’t created an email template but typed a specific text, then click Emails in the upper right corner, find the email, click View and copy the text.

Yes that has 2 problems when copying text. It leaves it open to miss words or bugs and it takes alot of time/unnecessary steps .Thats what I have been doing and thought I would put it in the ideas list as it appears to be a smallish thing to get done .

Not if you select the text and copy and paste it into the new email as @Mark explained.

yes @eko thats exactly what I have been doing and yes the clip board is not always stable . But it would be easier to have a resend button after all time is money. Am I not allowed to ask for one? I don’t think copy /paste is appropriate for any system its not very professional