Required Quotation format for medical equipment English and arabic

Hi all
I am looking for a quotation format which can be understood booth by English and Arabic end users.
The description and features of the equipment will remain in English but the basic fields like customer name , Item name , qty , price and terms and condition should be in English and Arabic. I will be thankful if anyone could help me in this matter .


this is possible only with the help of custom theme which is beyond the scope of this forum.
you can also search the forum for more details as this has been discussed here earlier.

i searched , but didnt found, can you plsa share the link or provide any pics of sample templates to get an outline.

i did not say samples and templates are provided on the forum, but such topics have been discussed previously which would help you get more information.

The only way to include multiple languages in the elements you mentioned is to include both in your entries. Manager has no live translation capability. It only substitutes predefined accounting terminology.