Printing in two language english / Arabic

is there is a way to have the item reference printed in two language ( English and Arabic ) at the same time

its a new requirement in KSA !!


Based on information furnished previously, dual language is not a requirement; it is an option. If you have contrary information from the government, please provide a link.

In KSA its a must not
actually it must be in Arabic / English is the option but English its the way of communication between companies in KSA can provide invoice sample


A sample invoice is not what is needed, @AlAseel . If you want anything to change in the program, you must furnish a link to government documentation explaining the requirement. The program developer is not aware of any requirement for dual-language tax invoices. Currently, you can do one or another.

let me get it

Now it is the requirement of KSA Government to print invoices in dual language English and Arabic. It is mandatory. How can we do that?

Provide a link to official documentation stating this requirement, @Azeem_Afzal.

Screen shot of the link for your ease + link is also available above.

If you select Arabic as your language, you will be in compliance. The requirement does not state that you must show both Arabic and English. It only states that if you show another language you must also show Arabic. Manager is 100% translated into Arabic, so there should be no problem.

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where i can find the arabic version plz ?

However it would be very useful to have the interface in one language and invoices in another… @lubos I would say that invoices’ language should follow at least each business.

See the Guide: