Sales Invoice in English and Arabic

I use you software every thing ok for me but i need some changes in printing invoice.

As per Saudi law we have to print invoice in both languages that is English and Arabic.

I want soloution for it Kindly help me solve this issue

You can switch your language preferences back and forth and print one invoice in English and another in Arabic. Would that meet the requirement? Or must a single invoice contain both languages?

Single invoice need both language arabic and english because as per new law here in saudi they need both language to be print on invoice. Like example :- “screw driver” and translation for “screw driver” is" مفك براغي

I don’t know whether that will be possible. I suspect it might require a new “Saudi Arabic Invoice” translation version, where the “translation” actually included both languages. Does this law apply to anything but sales invoices? How about payment receipts? Customer statements?

This require for Sales Invoice, Sales Quotation,and Credit Note. This module required English Arabic Printing the main important is Sales Invoice.

To be honest, this is the first time I hear about this requirement. Not to mention, it’s a bit strange requirement as Arabic is right-to-left language while English is left-to-right. Mixing these two is quite unusual. Do you have an invoice to show such a layout is done?

Yes I have i will show the scanned copy.

I am waiting for your reply because here Government when investigating and if they not found invoice with Arabic English print then they are giving huge fines.

kindly please help me in this case as soon as possible.

The only way to facilitate for this is to design custom HTML template which will contain labels in both languages. You will need some HTML designer to help you with it.

As i don’t have anybody here to work for it, but if you give me procedure i myself will work this issue.


in the invoicei like to write the description and the notes in arabic, which when i do so after saving it goes back to left to right.

even when i changed the language preference to Arabic still when i write it, its correct , from right to left but after i press save it goes

back to left to right.