Requesting to include "Spend money" button within expense claim view

Would like to request for “Spend money” button to include within the Expense claim view. Just like the payslip, purchase invoice; the “Spend money” button is available which make it easy; without having to re-enter the details and amount.

The reason there is no Spend money button is that there are three types of Payers possible under expense claims:

  1. Members created in the Capital Accounts tab, including partners and sole traders/proprietors using capital accounts
  2. Employees created in the Employees tab
  3. Expense Claims Payers defined under Settings, including directors, proprietors not using capital accounts, and all other persons

Only expense claims submitted by the third type are settled directly by spending money. For the first type, the amount of the claim is credited to a capital account. For the second, it is credited to Employee clearing account.

Thanks Tut for explaining. I understand the constraint now. Maybe, could
you consider providing exception for second and third types expense claims.
I think it is almost like payslips where it credited the employee clearing

I have no control over which features get added. I am just a moderator of the forum.

No worries, is just a request to reduce error when entering the amount.