Expense payment suggestion

I wonder if in a future release, a button for spend money could be added to the expense claim section. This would make it easier when entering and paying expense claims. It would be good if the facility could pick up the total from the expense claim, I do not know if this is possible.


Ian Clegg

The difficulty is that expense claims are interwoven with Employee clearing account, Expense claims liability account, and members’ Capital accounts, depending on what type of expense claims payer is selected for the claim. As a result, expense claims are never paid directly the way, for example, a purchase invoice is paid or a sales invoice has money received against it.

Expense claims are input vehicles to various accounts, depending on particulars of the claim. Those accounts are what must be cleared, not the expense claim itself. An expense claim is not a subsidiary account, even when it is posted to Expense claims for a payer who is neither an employee nor a capital member. So there is no subsidiary account to post the transaction to the way there is when paying a purchase invoice.

I hope that makes sense.