Request to reverse sort 'sales invoice' dropdown

I noticed that if I do ‘receive money’ and edit a receipt, under ‘accounts’, then click ‘accounts receivable’, I can select a sales invoice. However, this dropdown list is sorted in historical order. So, this means the oldest invoices are shown first. As these invoices are most likely already paid, it would (to me at least) make a lot of sense to reverse-order this dropdown. This way the most recent invoices are shown on top (and these are most likely the ones I need).
Is there any way I can set this sort order myself? Or even restrict this dropdown list to invoices that are not yet paid in full (so that this list isnt so very long?)

Fair enough but you should credit Accounts receivable account only if you know which specific invoice customer is paying (for example by specifying it in bank description or by sending you remittance advice).

If you don’t know which invoice customer is paying, then use Customer credits account which will let you allocate payment from customer directly to customer account. Manager will then take care to make a match with outstanding invoices.


In my case, I only have a limited customers that pay specific invoices, so matching these directly seems appropriate. Just so I understand your second remark: If I use ‘customer credits’ then Manager does magic to match the receipt to an invoice based on the amount of money and the text inside the invoice? That is pretty impressive :smile:

The matching process doesn’t look into descriptions, it will match using FIFO method (oldest invoices will be matched to be paid first)

I’d would request in conjuntion with this that the drop down list wide enough that I can see the not just the invoice number, but the amount due too.

Can we at least have that list sorted in descending order and filtered by “Paid” status? It just feels good to match the invoices to payments wherever possible :smiley:

Just like to bump this topic again. With the new method of first selecting a supplier and then picking an invoice from the dropdown just doesnt make sense that the invoices that are most likely the ones i need are at the bottom of the list. This goes for both the customer side as the supplyer side.

Besides going via Cash Accounts tab there are two other options which have the latest invoice displayed first.

Customers / Suppliers tabs
Click on the balance for the customer / supplier and click “View” for the invoice then click Receive / Spend Money.

Sales / Purchases Invoices tabs
Click “View” for the invoice then click Receive / Spend Money.

As far as i know that only works with cash or if you type your bank transfers instead of importing them. Still, if these menus sort the invoices in reverse, at the very least there is inconsistency in the gui