Request to add Email status as Column

Dear Members,
Can we have email status as an optional column in Sales/Purchase Quote,Order and Invoice.
Since we have Edit columns in almost most all the pages. And who ever needs can enable it.

This will be easy to track of the specific document is sent to customer/supplier

What about using a custom field?

Every time we might have to change that custom field manually. And if fails to update we will not have correct information.

In my case: they missed to send the email of Tax invoice for client and Client haven’t applied for Tax benefits of billed months. To avoid this email status will be helpful.

@hmdaadil, email status is already available by clicking the Emails button in the top menu bar. Here is an example from a test business:

Dear @Tut ,
Yes it’s available from the email button. But it would be more easy if we have that option inside Edit Columns as an additional optional column to Enable and Disable.
So we can know that specific document is Sent from our side and Viewed by the receiver.

Now its a manual process to take the reference number and go to find it in the Email Tab. When there is more transactions. Becomes difficult to find the status.

We host four companies where non admin staff have no access to the email tab because of payslip and other confidential accounting reports that are not restricted in any way from normal users with access to the email tab. Kind of an all or nothing arrangement.

These affected entities will be very happy to have some confidentiality in this way and their restricted users will be happy as well to have some knowledge as to whether their quote, invoice or whatever document they have access to has been in fact successfully emailed.

@hmdaadil and @compuit, I am well aware of all the considerations you mention. The developer himself has put this suggestion into the ideas category. I was merely calling attention to a feature that might be useful until implementation.

I something from a business manager’s and user perspective that would be really helpful is that if the email status could show which login / user sent the emailed Quote, Invoice, PO etc. From what I can see this is not listed as a column but a filter feature. Maybe the upcoming column idea will do this too?