Delivery Status To Show As A Column In Sales Invoice Tab

I think we should be able to see delivery status as a column from the invoice tab.

The Sales Order tab for example has “Invoice Status” which helps to quickly know the invoicing status of an order without navigating away from the Sales Order tab. The Invoice tab also needs that column to help know delivery status without navigating away from the tab.

Same can be done at the purchase side


And maybe Invoice status on the delivery tab too. Or at lease make the invoice and order number on delivery tab clickable.

this feature was requested many times by users here, but still no update on it

It is in ideas like so many. Some are dated back many years ago and also not all wil ever be implemented because they are ideas. I do not like this either but learned to live with it. If you can not then change application.

But the idea of sales order is to combine multiple sales invoices and delivery notes and match them against the sales order to produce statuses.

I’m not quite sure what delivery status on sales invoice should represent. My view is that this is overcomplicating system for little benefit. I’d rather make sales order column under sales invoices clickable so it’s easier to check delivery status on sales order level.


It would be great to know if single invoice delivered or still not yet

In delivery tab there link for invoice no but there is no link in invoice tab for delivery

In sales order track is over all the issue might come that there is delivery note not invoiced or invoice not delivered where it show partial status under sales order for invoicing or delivery

Also Manager is continuously updating so some Ideas are not necessary. Not sure who or how but someone should go through them and remove the obsolete ones and the ones that will never be implemented .