Request - Special Account Implementation

Hi everyone,

I think that it would be very useful if @lubos can implement special accounts in two way:

  1. change the splash screen of special account. When you click on the special account section you see a list of all the subaccounts with the related special account, ie the group. If you have more than one special account, ie more than one “group”, or worst if you make a large use of the special accounts, it is very difficult to read. I think that at first sight it would be useful to see only the special account, ie the group, with its total. When you click on each group you will see all the linked subaccounts.
  2. add special accounts also to profit and loss accounts

I think you misunderstand the structure of special accounts and their purpose. Specifically:

When you click on the Special Accounts tab, what you already see are the subsidiary ledgers. Those are the “special accounts.” The control accounts to which they are assigned are not the special accounts. Further, there are no groups for special accounts. They are assigned to control accounts, which are what show on the balance sheet.

So you seem to be asking to see only control accounts when clicking on the Special Accounts tab. You can see those on the balance sheet. You can also sort the special accounts by control account when looking at the list. Showing control accounts instead of special accounts when clicking on the Special Accounts tab would be counter to the way the entire program works.

That cannot happen without major revision of the program’s design. It has been suggested before. Income and expense accounts do not have subsidiary ledgers. What you are suggesting is multi-tier or nested income and expense accounts with the ability to suppress display of lower tier subaccounts. This is more what tracking codes can accomplish.

Correct. This is what I’m asking. Sorry for my rough description.

I think that if you have an endless list of all the special accounts, even with the control accounts on the right, is like mixing apples with oranges. In the same list you can even have assets and liabilities.

In my opinion they should at least be grouped by control accounts like a ramification.

Yes. But keep in mind also that these kind of subaccounts should not appear in the general ledger detailed report. It’s not only an higher level report.