Special Accounts Limitation

I created special accounts that i wanted to link to non-Inventory items to automatically populate when entering transactions but it not working, it not showing under Payslip items either when you click to select accounts.

I don’t know if i’m missing something

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It appears that can’t point non-Inventory items to Control Accounts, the same probably applies to Payslip Items.

@Brucanna is right, @Abeiku . The reason is that the account selection for a non-inventory item is a one-step process. The program would never know the subsidiary ledger (such as the specific employee, customer, fixed asset or whatever type of subsidiary account is being used within the control account). It was designed that way to keep things out of Suspense.

It about time it got some improvement

@lubos when are we going to be able to select control account accounts for payslip items(Balance sheet accounts of course as parent account is not available for PL accounts)

For example, I monitor staff short term loan repayment by deducting their scheduled monthly repayment on their payslip. It works fine, the only problem is that every worker requires a new loan account that is going to be shown on the balance sheet. So you look at my balance sheet and you see staff names listed with their loan balances. It not a bad thing but I just wish I could put all their personal loan accounts under a control account (Staff Loans Receivable) and be able to use their personal accounts in payslip items when setting up the deductions.

Employee deduction summary report shows their personal loan accounts listed among statutory and other deductions. The more the employees taking advances, the more the columns showing in the employee deduction summary report. I just wish only the control account will show there and only the control account will show on the balance sheet as well. This will enhance presentation on the balance sheet and the payslip deduction summary.


As Control Accounts + Sub-accounts have now been enabled to be selected via Bank Rules, then there is possibly no reason why Control Accounts + Sub-accounts can’t also be selected via Payslip Items.



It appears that the Account dropdown just needs to show all Chart of Accounts (as above) or just the Balance Sheet instead of being account limited. Will add this to Ideas.


waiting for this feature

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Has the special account for loan deduction on payslip item be resolved, like abdulbari noted?
We are facing the same challenge?

If the idea is implemented, the topic will be removed from the ideas category. So you do not need to ask. You can monitor status yourself. Meanwhile, I notice you have not voted for the idea.

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Ok, noted.

When can this special accounts limitation be removed @lubos? It is very important in managing loans especially for employees.

The feature request is still valid but you do not need it to track staff loans now.

You can now use Special Reports to get reports for every employee (employee’s loan advances and repayments transactions) from the same account which is used for loan transactions for all staff.