Proposal - extend special accounts to profit & loss

As in object. Why @lubos doesn’t take under consideration to extend special accounts (or create something similar) to profit & loss?

Because special accounts are subsidiary ledgers of a custom control account, and control accounts of any type only apply to balance sheet accounts. There is no similar concept for income and expense accounts. What you suggest is a complete restructuring of the program’s architecture.

Maybe it can be achieved by giving the possibility to hide (grouping) incoming and expense accounts and showing all the movements of the group at the top of them.

At this point, I’m not planning to use special accounts concept for P&L.

However, I recognize some chart of accounts could be extensive on P&L side and you should be able to choose up to how many levels you want to show on your profit & loss statement.

So this is something that will be implemented first and only then I will look whether anything else is required. It’s possible once you can control number of levels to show on your reports, the need for what you are asking won’t no longer be there.

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