Request: Quick editting of transactions in listview

It’d save a lot of time if it would be possible to directly edit from withing the list view of bank-transactions the Account and VAT. This saves a lot of clicking back / forth.

This would violate a basic design premise of the program. Nothing is ever updated until the Update button for the transaction or function is clicked. The fastest way to reassign accounts on bank transactions is with the Find & Recode function:

VAT changes must be applied line item by line item, not at the form level, because they could differ. Besides, tax codes are not even shown on the bank transaction lists.

I don’t see how this would violate anything.
You can have an update / save button on each row, or cancel on escape / save on row-change

Find&recode does not solve the problem I’m facing.

The problem is that there are many transactions, which simply need to have their account and vat entered.

It does not have to be field-by-field updating as in excel. And it only needs to be available for transaction which are not split into multiple accounts (the ui would be more difficult)


doubleclick or keyboard navigate a row.
This can open an inline edit screen, whichs allows editting of the account etc.
Enter would save, escape would cancel.

You are missing my major point. Tax codes are not applied at the transaction form level. They are applied at the line item level. And line items do not show in transaction lists.

I understand. But an application should not merely reflect a 1-1 database model.
Most transactions I have, only have 1 line. The majority of the work goes into mapping these transactions (lines) to an account.

I do not understand what you mean by this.

That may be true for you. But the program cannot be designed for such limited situations.