Request for Quotation status

Based on the current structure, there is a column “Status” for Purchase Quotes which indicates whether a quote (status: Active) has been transformed into a Purchase Order (status: Accepted) or not (status: Cancelled by selecting the respective check box “Cancelled”).

The Request for Quotation is included in the module Purchase Quotes; however, when a Request for Quotation is “completed” (i.g. a quote is received), we do not have an option to change its status (it remains as “Active”).

Following the above, I can think 2 alternative solutions:

  • To separate Requests for Quotation from Purchase Quotes into a different tab.
  • To add a checkbox “Completed” in the current module when Request for Quotation is selected.

It is not something important. Just to have a better picture of the screen “Purchase Quotes”.

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For what problem are you looking for a solution?

Why would you do this, and what exactly do you mean? A request for quotation is a purchase quote, and vice versa. Those are different names for the same thing, that is, a request for pricing/availability/delivery information from a supplier. Some users simply prefer being able to send a document to a supplier labeled as a request for quotation. The purchase quote terminology has more of an internal focus, originating with information sent to you by the supplier. But it is a matter of semantics.

Again, why? Neither purchase quotes nor RFQs (if you have retitled a purchase quote as such) have any financial impact. Once you have sent it out, it is active. But it is never a contractual commitment by either your business or the supplier. So there is nothing to be completed. If a response expires, either because of limitations on its validity by the supplier or your lack of interest or action, you can cancel the quote in your system. If you decide to take further action, you would send a purchase order or simply make a payment to execute a purchase, not continue with the purchase quote or RFQ.

Actually not. It is the request for the quote (not the same thing) (the first one is what we send and the second one what we receive).

Nothing changed from my side. I refer to these:

when I select Request for quotation

When a RFQ is answered, we can consider that as “completed”. However, the screen of Purchase Quotes will continue to have the status “Active” for the respective line. When I check this screen, I would like to see -through Status column- which Purchase Quotes (only them) are Accepted (connected to Purchase Orders) or Cancelled or remain Active, not including also any RFQs (for which their status remain the same).

It is just an administrative issue to see the status of Quotes pending (excluding the RFQ), nothing with financial (accounting) impact. As I said, it is not important, just to have a better picture of the screen “Purchase Quotes”.

That may be how you look at things. But that is not the way the program works. Meaning no disrespect, you need to adjust your thinking if you intend to keep using Manager. The fact that the title changes on the viewed transaction does nothing to change the fact that both are created in the same tab, using the same entry form. That title is just a display option. From the program’s perspective, there is absolutely no difference.

That is merely your viewpoint. Perhaps you picked that up from prior software. Regardless, as I’ve already told you, nothing is completed because within the program there is nothing to complete.

That is correct, because there are only two states for purchase quotes: Active and Cancelled. The software knows nothing else.

Again, that is not possible for two reasons:

  • There is no such thing as Accepted status. What would it mean, at any rate? Who accepted it, and what did they accept? Did your supplier accept your request? Did they agree to furnish goods or services at a price you specified? A rational business would not do that. Instead, they would inform you of their price—which might or might not agree with your request—and expect a purchase order. Or would Accepted status indicate you had accepted the supplier’s price? In that case, the appropriate response is once again to issue a purchase order.
  • The program cannot distinguish between purchase quotes and requests for quotations in any actionable sense, because it has no action to take.

All that said, you seem to be using the same transaction type for two different purposes. Since neither title on a purchase quote has any consequence within the program, there is no harm done. But you are asking for a program change to incorporate action based on information for which the program has no use.

The developer’s philosophy in such cases is for the user to employ custom fields. You can easily create a dropdown custom field with various status choices, set it up to show as a column, and have it display in the tab listing. In that case, you could create as many status variations as you can think up. None of them will have any effect, but if it makes you happy to see a bunch of secondary information in the list, go ahead.

This was the only reason for this topic from my side. Actually, there are 3 (Accepted included), not 2. The software knows if a Quote is connected to a Purchase Order (of course, if we have selected that).

This is not right. When we select a Purchase Quote in a Purchase Order, then the status of the respective Purchase Quote (from Active) will be changed to “Accepted” (the Column of Purchase Quotes screen).

This is why I proposed a status like “Completed” (when, for example, the supplier will have submitted its quote) to be different from “Accepted” (for the Quotes).

Please. Manager is a software and I am just trying to facilitate my supporting companies as a client. I do not believe that it is necessary to write down that we may need to adjust our thinking. We just try to explore any further or alternative capabilities. I respect any different opinion, especially yours, with such an experience through this forum over the years.

As I said, it is not a big issue. Consider it as if it never submitted.

From purist point of view, Requests for Quotation should be separate tab since it is a separate document. And request for quotation could be then linked to an actual received purchase quote.

The checkbox Request for Quotation was added long time ago when no linking between quotes, orders and invoices existed. And purchase quotes had no Status. That was added later. So looking at this now, I believe Requests for Quotation should be its own tab.

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This was my approach. Thanks for considering this as an idea!