Request for an Active and Inactive option to Reports

Hello Dev Team! Greetings of the Day!

One suggestion from my side, if it is possible, please add an active & inactive option to Reports. We have created tax reports for the last financial year and also created for this year. In our reports tab, our last year and current year tax reports were showing. if the active and inactive option is available under reports, we will set up our last financial year reports to an inactive mode and whenever we want the same, we will turn into active mode. this will help us to easily identify the current year reports.



Yes, I also agree with you. The same way as it is for customers and suppliers.

Reports are different from lists in tabs. You cannot, for example, delete customers and suppliers because they are referenced in transactions. But reports can be deleted and recreated whenever you want. As for telling them apart, that is what the Description field is for.

If you don’t want to be confused by old reports, just delete them. If you ever need them again, recreate them. If you want the most recent on top, sort them by date.