Managing Reports in Manager

I am aware that it is trivial to create and delete reports. However, I think there is a user case for making a couple of changes.

Everywhere else in the program, the most recent transaction is at the top! Not with reports. The oldest transaction is at the top and the newest is at the bottom. Because most people are more likely to use the most recent reports, it makes sense for this report to be at the top, which saves scrolling down to the bottom and it makes it consistent with everywhere else in the program where the most recent is always at the top.

In addition, while it is trivial to create reports again after deleting them, the simple reality is that sometimes it is handy to go back many years to old reports to view how things have changed over time but you don’t necessarily want those reports in your face all the time. I would suggest having the ability to make reports inactive so that you can archive previous years reports when you no longer need them, but they can still be pulled up in the event of an audit or you want to have a look at the last 10 years etc. Yes, it doesn’t take long to recreate the report, but making a report inactive is a very practical way to archive reports that you don’t necessarily want to delete but don’t need live anymore. Could a box be added to make these reports inactive so they immediately go grey and to the bottom leaving only live reports at the top.

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That is a guess based on your personal preference.

Sort by date. Where appropriate you can sort by From and To dates, as well.

Reports are neither active or inactive. There is no such thing as a “live” report. What you see are merely parameter definitions. The reports are created on the fly every time you use them. This is in contrast to something like customers, where inactive customers are removed from dropdown menus. Again, the date sort would provide what you say you want. Or you can use the Search function in some situations, such as when looking for reports from specific years.

I think you will find 99% of the planet will use reports created this year rather than ones created 10 years ago. To suggest otherwise is not credible. As such, it makes sense to have most recent at top. I can’t think of any business that would prefer reports 10 years old to be the first visible can you?

Reports may not be live in the same context as customers. That doesn’t negate my point that archiving old reports is a better option than simply deleting and recreating reports.

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I agree with Dalacor, most people first want to see the youngest report first and not the oldest, regardless the fact whether to delect and reconstruct old reports if necessary.

So…sort by reverse date order if that is how you want things to show. I am just opposed to tinkering with the program interface unnecessarily when methods are available to achieve what you want with trivial effort.


I see some sense in show most recent reports on top however if would ‘remember’ last sort choice, we can sort on date and most recent alwasy would be on top.

BTW I use html coloring on accounts and report to highlight specific accounts and also reports I use most frequently


Not a bad idea! I could colour code to highlight current ones!

I also use coloring for different accounts and even bankaccounts , each bankaccount has different color. Is only shown on GUI.
You can also color or make headers bold in report column headers.

All very convinient and by me works smooth

Would be a nice feature for

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