Inactive Customer Status Idea

Dear Sir,
we wish you advice about the possibility of the following 2 options:

1- when we try to make an invoice for a client who is inactive, it would be better to come in the selection list but in grey and mentioned next to it that it is Inactive because the user might think that the client doesn’t exist and then create it again without searching because he couldn’t find in clients list when he tried to make an invoice.

2- Inactive status for a client would be better if it has 2 options:
A- Inactive (invoice-Receipt)
B- Inactive (invoice) – The Client can pay for his old balance but can’t buy anymore.

And in all cases, it might be a good idea to have the option to show the client status on any transactions or reports for clients or no.

Please note that I wrote 2 points under the same solution because they are completing each other.
Thank you!

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You can already issue a receipt to an inactive customer in two ways:

  1. In the View screen of the Invoice, click on New Receipt and this should bypass the inactive restriction.
  2. In the View screen of the Receipt, click on Copy to or Clone and this should also bypass the inactive restriction.

That’s why I believe there’s no need to complicate things by introducing two levels for inactive customers.

I believe that this could be it’s own separate idea.

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