Request for addition of cash account codes

Would it be possible to add a Code field for individual cash accounts that controls the order of their appearance in the Cash Accounts tab? All other accounts have this feature, settable under Chart of Accounts in Settings.

Users who number accounts according to typical 3 or 4-digit schemes might wish to also number their various cash accounts as subsidiaries of their respective control accounts. Often, of course, such schemes number balance sheet accounts in order of liquidity. Other criteria might also be used, such as frequency of use. Rarely would the current alphabetical order be the choice, but that could be left as the default for those who do not use account codes.

@good suggestion

The latest version (16.8.26) allows to set Code on cash accounts.

The only trouble is that when a code is entered or any other edit is made, the Update button does not function.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. How about you try to create new cash account, does it work?

No. I cannot create a new cash account. For reference, I’m on Mac, OS X v10.11.6 and Manager v16.8.26.

If it matters, I seem to be able to create anything else: customers, suppliers, fixed assets, billable time entries. etc.

What if you create brand new business, are you able to create cash account there?

Yes, I can create a cash account in a new business.

Could you show screenshot what you see after you click New Cash Account button in the business where Create button doesn’t work? It could give some clue what’s wrong.

Actually, don’t worry about it. Found the issue. If you have Start date set, the cash account creation screen is broken. Fixing it now.

Here it is:

New Cash Account Screen.pdf (34.9 KB)

Fixed in the latest version (16.8.28)

Works perfectly.