Code in of Built-in Accounts

I know I am nitpicking here but have noticed that built in accounts cannot be configured until one record references them. This is not a real problem, but after charging people for setting up their chart of accounts and its coding and then when they enter their first customer; uncoded accounts receivable sticks out like a sore thumb in summary view.

I was wondering if it is possible to have all built-in accounts appear in the chart of accounts just after their tabs are enabled without having to be referenced by any other record.


You may not have noticed previously, but this is no different from the way things were before. The Guide on building charts of accounts,, has always instructed users to create setup entries when activating automatic accounts. The Guide on account codes,, specifically illustrates creating a code for Accounts receivable. Although some graphics in those Guides were just updated as a result of the new process for controlling account order, the relevant instructions were not modified.

@Ealfardan I can see where you are coming from. I think this will require more calibration to find the right point at which built-in accounts should be visible. It’s not that straightforward.

For example, let’s say you enable Bank Accounts tab but Cash at Bank built-in account won’t appear until you create at least one account. You propose built-in accounts should be visible when tab is enabled. But what if user has no intention to use Cash at Bank account at all because every bank account will have its own custom control account. So Cash at Bank account should be clearly hidden until there is actually undisputable need for it. This applies to almost all built-in accounts.

If you are setting up chart of accounts and want to categorize correctly future built-in accounts. You can create dummy customer, go to Chart of Accounts, categorize Accounts receivable to the correct location. Then remove dummy customer.

When your client creates real customer, placement of Accounts receivable within your Chart of Accounts will be preserved.

So you say that my settings will be saved even after I delete the dummy account.
That solves my problem. Thanks.

Then the ‘Cash at Bank’ should be renamed first so that it becomes / represents one of the required custom control accounts.
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This renaming should be applied to all built-in accounts, if the original name is not suitable, when additional related custom control accounts are required.

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