Request - Capital Accounts as Control Accounts

Is it possible to implement the option to set control accounts also for capital accounts? I would like to divide them in different groups under balance sheet.

As described here?

Set up and use capital accounts
Use capital subaccounts

or if something more sophisticated is required using Special accounts
Use special accounts

Thanks Joe but it is not what I’m looking for. I would like to divide different groups of capital accounts into different accounts under the Balance Sheet (as you can do with inventory with control accounts).

You can set up groups under Equity with control accounts, no?

Or do you want to have them at the same level as Equity?

You cannot divide Capital Accounts in different accounts under Balance Sheet. They are all linked to the same account which by default is called Capital Accounts. And you cannot choose capital accounts under control accounts as you can see


Will the type “special accounts” not do? I haven’t tested them extensively but the guide says they can be used for Balance Sheet transactions

If you give me an example of the layout you would like, I’ll happily check it out on my Test business

Thanks for you help. However, you cannot combine the use of special account with capital accounts as well as you cannot achieve what I want to do unless @lubos enables it with a software update.

Added to the latest version (18.7.38)